Guns & Equipment

The following is a list of guns and equipment used by the RA during the war. Not included are captured weapons or trials and experimental equipment.

Field & Light

75 mm Gun25 pdr Gun Self Propelled Bishop
75 mm Howitzer25 pdr Gun Self Propelled Sexton
18 pdr Gun105 mm Howitzer M7 Self Propelled Priest
25 pdr Gun Mark 1 (18/25 pdr)3.7 inch Mountain Howitzer
25 pdr Gun Mark 24.5 inch Howitzer


4.5 inch Medium Gun60 pdr Gun
5.5 inch Medium Gun6 inch 26 cwt Howitzer

Heavy & Super Heavy

6 inch Gun12 inch Howitzer
7.2 inch Howitzer155 mm Gun
8 inch Howitzer240 mm Howitzer
9.2 inch Howitzer Mk 2


9.2 inch Gun13.5 inch Gun
12 inch Howitzer18 inch Howitzer


2 pounder Gun17 pdr Gun
Hotchkiss 25 mm Gun17 pdr Gun SP Archer
Bofors 37mm Gun17 pdr Gun SP M10
6 pounder Gun3 inch Gun SP M10
6 pounder Gun SP Deacon


Twin 6 pdr Gun8 inch Gun
12 pdr Gun9.2 inch Gun
4.7 inch Gun14 inch Gun
6 inch Gun15 inch Gun

Anti-Aircraft Guns/Rockets

Polsten 20mm CannonCrusader III AA MKI 40mm
Crusader III , AA MkII/MkIII 20mm3 inch 20 cwt Gun
2 pdr Gun3.7 inch Gun
Browning Quad 0.05 inch Machine gun4.5 inch Gun
40mm Bofors 5.25 inch Gun
Carrier, Morris, 40mm AA MkIProjector, 3 inch (Z Battery)

Anti-Aircraft other

Projector Searchlight 60 cmRadar No.2 Mks 1-9
Projector Searchlight 90 cmRadar No.3 Mks 1-7
Projector Searchlight 120 cmRadar No.4 Mks 1-7
Projector Searchlight 150 cmRadar No.5 Mk 2
Radar No.1 Mks 1-3