C9B 40mm Bofors SP

C9B 40mm Bofors SP

The Morris Commercial C9B 40mm Bofors SP was developed as a private venture by Morris Commercial. The chassis was a lengthened version of their C8 Field Gun Tractor and was fitted with a platform at the rear for the gun and an open cab with seating for a driver and three detachment members. The cab had no roof, doors or windscreen to allow the gun all round traverse. The steering wheel column was hinged to allow the wheel to be folded down out of the line of fire. A canvas cover was provided for bad weather which covered the cab allowing the men’s heads to protrude. There were scissors jacks fitted front and rear with one each side on folding outriggers. The gun was fitted on the Mounting Mark 5.

The C9B 40mm Bofors SP began development in 1941 and was in service from 1943. It was originally conceived as mobile protection for convoys and columns. It served in all theatres of operation.


For Gun and Mounting see 40 mm Bofors Light Anti-Aircraft Gun

Propulsion70hp Morris EH, 4-cylinder 3.5 litre petrol engine
Height90 inches
242 inches
Width88 inches
Speed (on road)50 miles per hour (80 Km/h)
The Royal Artillery 1939-45