Formations and Markings


The Formations section gives the artillery units present in selected Theatres of Operation, Campaigns and Stations.
Where possible Orders of Battle will be given although only those formations with an artillery element will be linked to a new page.
The individual formation pages will have the formation badge and a list of artillery units in that formation with their Arm of Service (AoS) numbers where known. These pages are only accurate for the given date.


At Divisional level Field Regiments are listed in order of numerical seniority except where photographic or documentary evidence of Arm of Service numbers is available. For a description of the Arm of Service numbering system, see Markings.


Theatres, Campaigns and Stations


France/Belgium 1939-40 BEF May/June 1940    
UK late 1940 Home Forces 1940    
NW Europe 1944-45 Normandy 6 June 1944 September 1944  
Malta Malta March 1942    
Middle East Syria June 1941 Iraq May 1941 Persia September 1941
Far East Hong Kong December 1941