Twin 2 pdr Gun

Twin 2 pdr Gun

The Twin 2 pdr Gun was adopted for land service in 1937. The Naval Mark 8 Gun on a modified twin mounting was approved. A design for a new twin mounting more portable than the Navy type was then to proceed. At the same time the 40 mm Bofors was also adopted. As this was soon shown to be much more effective, the adoption of the 2 pdr was rescinded. Fewer than 60 units were made and installed at various ports and base areas in 1938-39. Once there were sufficient Bofors, the 2 pdrs were replaced. In May 1943 they were declared obsolete for land service and transferred to the Navy.
The Twin 2 pdr Gun was automatic, operated by recoil. Although it looked like an oversize machine gun, the mechanism was very different. It used a vertical sliding breech block. The two guns were mounted one above the other. The top gun was fed from the left and the bottom gun from the right. It was fed by flexible belts carrying 14 rounds each. The mounting was static but could be moved by a special ‘Carriage Transporting 2 pdr AA Equipment mark 1’. There were two mountings, the Mark 1 based on the original Navy mounting and the Mark 2. The Mark 2 soon replaced the Mark 1 as it incorporated several small improvements.


2 pdr QF Gun Mark 8 on Mounting Mark 1

Weight of Gun & Breech Mechanism125 lbs
Total length96 inches
Length of bore62 inches
Rifling12 grooves, uniform Right Hand 1/30
Breech MechanismVertical sliding block, automatic,
percussion fired
Elevation-10º to +80º
RecoilHydro-spring, constant 7.4 inches
Weight in action16,688 lbs
7.75 tons
Rate of Fire60 rounds per minute per gun


Firing standard 2 lb HE Shell

Muzzle Velocity2,275 feet per second
Maximum horizontal range7,500 yards
Maximum ceiling16,000 feet
Effective ceiling6,000 feet


Fixed, case charge

Shell, 2 pdr HE, HV, Mark 1TSame shell as Anti-Tank gun. Filled with TNT with Percussion Fuze No. 243. Tracer No. 7 or 10 in base gave self destruct
Shell, Semi-Armour Piercing Mark 2CCordite in brass or steel case with percussion primer No. 16
The Royal Artillery 1939-45