BL 6 inch Gun Mk XIX

BL 6 inch Gun Mk XIX

The BL 6 inch Gun Mk XIX was introduced in 1916 to replace the obsolescent Mark VII Gun. It was a wire wound gun having a Wellin Screw breech with Asbury mechanism. The Mark 8 Carriage was the same as the one used with the 8 inch Howitzer. There were still a number in service in 1939 and three batteries of them went to France with the BEF. A number were deployed in the home defence of Britain. They were replaced in 1942 although some were retained for training. The BL 6 inch Gun Mk XIX was declared obsolete in January 1944.


Weight of gun & breech mechanism10,248 lbs (4,684 Kg)
Total Length219.22 inches (556.87 cm)
Length of Bore210 inches (35 calibres) (533.4 cm)
Rifling36 grooves, uniform Right Hand 1/30
Breech MechanismAsbury interrupted screw, percussion fired
Elevation0º to 38º
Traverse4º Left and Right
Recoil SystemHydropneumatic, variable, 20 to 42 inches
Weight in action22,792 lbs


Carriage Mark 8Essentially the carriage of the 8 inch Howitzer. A two wheeled, block
trail design with either Traction or Pneumatic tyred wheels
Carriage Mark 8ASmall changes to facilitate quicker & cheaper production


Firing standard 100 lb HE shell
Muzzle velocity2,350 feet per second (716.28 meters per second)
Maximum range18,750 yards (17,145 metres)


Shell, HE, Mk 20BNon streamlined shell fitted with fuzes 119, 106E or 231
Shell, Shrapnel, Mk 18**BNose ejection shrapnel shell fitted with fuze 88
Propelling chargeSingle bag containing 23 lbs of cordite
The Royal Artillery 1939-45