Emergency Batteries

In the summer of 1940 invasion was a distinct possibility. It became urgent to mount guns at every possible landing area on the East and South coasts of England. Some field guns were deployed but armament for most of the Emergency Batteries came from the Royal Navy. They unearthed a collection of guns removed from scrapped warships in the 1920’s and 30’s.
The mountings were shipboard pedastal types. A steel plate holdfast was devised that could be adapted to any pedestal and anchored in quick setting concrete. Shields were made locally where possible or constructed in the nearest Royal Ordnance Factory. The 4 inch mobile equipments had their pedestals bolted down in suitable trucks and were held as mobile reserves.
It would be impossible to produce data for every combination of weapon and mounting used in the Emergency Batteries. The following list covers the main ones.

6 inch Gun Mk 7See 6 inch gun
6 inch Gun Mk 1150 calibres long, velocity 2,920 feet/second, max range 22,100 yards
6 inch Gun Mk 11*As Mk 11 but different construction
6 inch Gun Mk 1245 calibres, similar to Mk 7 but lighter
6 inch Gun Mk 12AAs Mk 12 with longer chamber
6 inch Gun Mk 12BAs Mk 12 but bore diameter 5.985 inches
6 inch Gun Mk 1350 calibres, MV 2,750 feet/second, max range 21,100 yards
6 inch Gun Mk 1650 calibres, MV 2,980 feet/second, max range 22,400 yards
5.5 inch Gun Mk 155 calibres, MV 2,725 fett/second, max range 20,200 yards
4.7 inch Gun Mk 5*45 calibres, MV 2,350 feet/second, max range 16,500 yards
4 inch BL Gun Mk 750 calibres, MV 2,820 feet/second, max range 17,000 yards
4 inch BL Gun Mk 945 calibres, MV 2,600 feet/second, max range 14,300 yards
4 inch QF Gun Mk 440 calibres, MV 2,200 feet/second, max range 13,000 yards
12 pdr GunSee 12 pdr Coast Defence Gun
3 inch GunNaval records state 3 inch QF Mks 1 & 4. Probably 3 inch 20 cwt AA
3 pdr Gun3 pdr Hotchkiss, 1,860 feet/second, max range 4,000 yards

The Royal Artillery 1939-45