6 pounder Gun SP Deacon

6 pdr SP Deacon

The 6 pounder Gun SP Deacon was developed in 1942 to provide anti-tank units in North Africa with a Self Propelled gun. It was a development of the practice of carrying some guns “en portee” on the back of trucks. The gun carrier was based on the AEC Matador truck which had the cab replaced by an armoured box structure covering the driver and engine. The gun was on a pedestal mount on the flat bed of the truck. It was fitted with an enclosed armoured shield, open to the rear to protect the layer and loader.

Production began in December 1942 and a total of 175 were built, most of which were sent to North Africa. They fought in a number of actions but their height and poor cross country performance in sand counted against them. The 6 pounder Gun SP Deacon was withdrawn at the end of the North Africa campaign, being considered unsuitable for use in Europe. Some were converted to armoured ammunition carriers and the remainder sold to Turkey in 1943.


Identical to the towed 6 pdr but with all round traverse




Weight26,400 lbs
Length21 feet
Width7 feet 9 inches
Height9 feet 3 inches
Armour6 to 20 mm
EngineAEC A173 7.7L 6-cylinder diesel 95 hp
Power/Weight7.8 hp/tonne
Drivewheeled, 4×2, 4×4
Transmission4 + reverse gears, with two-speed transfer box
Suspensionleaf spring
Ground Clearance13 inches
Operational Range174 miles
Maximum Speed19 mph
The Royal Artillery 1939-45