Field Regiments

Field regiments provided the close support for the infantry and armour. There would normally be three regiments in each division, one being allocated to each brigade. They could also be found at Corps and Army level and in the Army Groups RA (AGRA) as extra firepower to be allocated as required.

All field regiments did the same basic job, although they sometimes had a different title such as Army Field Regiment to denote they were employed above divisional level. Jungle and Assault Field Regiments were also used.



1 – 33

1 Field Regiment RA17 Field Regiment RA
2 Field Regiment RA18 Field Regiment RA
3 Field Regiment RA19 Field Regiment RA
4 Field Regiment RA22 Field Regiment RA
5 Field Regiment RA23 Field Regiment RA
6 Field Regiment RA24 Field Regiment RA
7 Field Regiment RA25 Field Regiment RA
8 Field Regiment RA27 Field Regiment RA
9 Field Regiment RA28 Field Regiment RA
10 Field Regiment RA30 Field Regiment RA
11 Field Regiment RA31 Field Regiment RA
12 Field Regiment RA32 Field Regiment RA
15 Field Regiment RA33 Field Regiment RA
16 Field Regiment RA




51 – 99

51 (Westmoreland & Cumberland)
Field Regiment RA(TA)
77 (Highland) Field Regiment RA(TA)
52 (Manchester) Field Regiment RA(TA)78 (Lowland) Field Regiment RA(TA)
53 (Bolton) Field Regiment RA(TA)79 (Lowland) Field Regiment RA(TA)
55 (Wessex) Field Regiment RA(TA)80 (Lowland-City of Glasgow) Field
Regiment RA(TA)
57 (Home Counties) Field Regiment RA(TA)81 (Welsh) Field Regiment RA(TA)
58 (Sussex) Field Regiment RA(TA)83 (Welsh) Field Regiment RA(TA)
60 (North Midland) Field Regiment RA(TA)85 (East Anglian) Field Regiment RA(TA)
61 (North Midland) Field Regiment RA(TA)86 (East Anglian)(Herts Yeomanry) Field 
Regiment RA(TA)
64 (7th London) Field Regiment RA(TA)87 (1st West Lancashire) Field Regiment RA(TA)
65 (8th London) Field Regiment RA(TA)88 (2nd West Lancashire) Field Regiment RA(TA)
67 (South Midland) Field Regiment RA(TA)90 (City of London) Field Regiment RA(TA)
68 (South Midland) Field Regiment RA(TA)91 (4th London) Field Regiment RA(TA)
69 (West Riding) Field Regiment RA(TA)92 (5th London) Field Regiment RA(TA)
70 (West Riding) Field Regiment RA(TA)94 (Queens Own Dorset Yeomanry) Field
Regiment RA(TA)
71 (West Riding) Field Regiment RA(TA)96 (Royal Devon Yeomanry) Field Regiment RA(TA)
72 (Northumbrian) Field Regiment RA(TA)97 (Kent Yeomanry) Field Regiment RA(TA)
74 (Northumbrian) Field Regiment RA(TA)98 (Surrey & Sussex Yeomanry, Queen Mary’s) Field Regiment RA(TA)
75 (Highland) Field Regiment RA(TA)99 (Royal Bucks Yeomanry) Field 
Regiment RA(TA)
76 (Highland) Field Regiment RA(TA)




102 – 150

102 (Pembroke & Cardiganshire) Field
Regiment RA(TA)
129 (Lowland) Field Regiment RA(TA)
105 (Bedfordshire Yeomanry) Field
Regiment RA(TA)
130 (Lowland) Field Regiment RA(TA)
109 (Westmoreland & Cumberland) Field Regiment RA(TA) 131 (Lowland-City of Glasgow) Field
Regiment RA(TA)
110 (Manchester) Field Regiment RA(TA) 132 (Welsh) Field Regiment RA(TA)
111 (Bolton) Field Regiment RA(TA) 133 (Welsh) Field Regiment RA(TA)
112 (Wessex) Field Regiment RA(TA) 134 (East Anglian) Field Regiment RA(TA)
113 (Home Counties) Field Regiment 
135 (East Anglian)(Herts Yeomanry) Field
Regiment RA(TA)
114 (Sussex) Field Regiment RA(TA)136 (1st West Lancashire) Field Regiment RA(TA)
115 (North Midland) Field Regiment
137 Field Regiment RA(TA)
116 (North Midland) Field Regiment
138 (City of London) Field Regiment RA(TA)
117 (7th London) Field Regiment RA(TA)139 (4th London) Field Regiment RA(TA)
118 (8th London) Field Regiment RA(TA) 140 (5th London) Field Regiment RA(TA)
119 (South Midland) Field Regiment 
141 (Queen’s Own Dorset Yeomanry) Field Regiment 
120 (South Midland) Field Regiment 
142 (Royal Devon Yeomanry) Field Regiment RA(TA)
121 (West Riding) Field Regiment RA(TA) 143 (Kent Yeomanry) Field Regiment RA(TA)
122 (West Riding) Field Regiment RA(TA) 144 (Surrey & Sussex Yeomanry, Queen Mary’s) Field Regiment RA(TA)
123 (West Riding) Field Regiment RA(TA) 145 (Berkshire Yeomanry) Field Regiment RA(TA)
124 (Northumbrian) Field Regiment 
146 (Pembroke & Cardiganshire) Field Regiment RA(TA)
125 Field Regiment RA(TA) 147 (Essex Yeomanry) Field Regiment RA(TA)
126 (Highland) Field Regiment RA(TA) 148 (Bedfordshire Yeomanry) Field Regiment RA(TA)
127 (Highland) Field Regiment RA(TA) 149 (Lancashire Yeomanry) Field Regiment RA(TA)
128 (Highland) Field Regiment RA(TA) 150 (South Nottinghamshire Hussars Yeomanry)
Field Regiment RA(TA)




151 to end

151 (Ayrshire Yeomanry) Field Regiment RA(TA)177 Field Regiment RA
152 (Ayrshire Yeomanry) Field Regiment RA(TA)178 Field Regiment RA
153 (Leicestershire Yeomanry) Field Regiment RA(TA)179 Field Regiment RA
154 (Leicestershire Yeomanry) Field Regiment RA(TA)180 Field Regiment RA
155 (Lanarkshire Yeomanry) Field Regiment RA(TA)181 Field Regiment RA
156 (Lanarkshire Yeomanry) Field Regiment RA(TA)182 Field Regiment RA
157 Field Regiment RA 183 Field Regiment RA
158 Field Regiment RA 184 Field Regiment RA
159 Field Regiment RA 185 Field Regiment RA
160 Field Regiment RA 186 Field Regiment RA
161 Field Regiment RA 187 Field Regiment RA
162 Field Regiment RA 188 Field Regiment RA
163 Field Regiment RA 189 Field Regiment RA
164 Field Regiment RA 190 Field Regiment RA
165 Field Regiment RA 191 (Hertfordshire & Essex Yeomanry) Field Regiment RA
166 (Newfoundland) Field Regiment RA 192 Field Regiment RA
167 Field Regiment RA 193 Field Regiment RA
168 Field Regiment RA 194 Field Regiment RA
169 Field Regiment RA 195 Field Regiment RA
170 Field Regiment RA 199 Field Regiment RA
171 Field Regiment RA 200 Field Regiment RA
172 Field Regiment RA 202 Field Regiment RA
173 Field Regiment RA 203 Field Regiment RA
174 Field Regiment RA 205 Field Regiment RA
175 Field Regiment RA 208 Field Regiment RA
176 Field Regiment RA A Field (Anti-Tank) Regiment RA