3 Infantry Division

3 Infantry Division had its own system of badges for the RA units attached to them and was used throughout the war. The system used a very dark blue (almost black) diamond with a red number to indicate the unit. It was worn on both sleeves below the Arm of Service Strip. There were 2 exceptions to this system. 76 (Highland) Field Regiment who had their own style of badge and 92 (Loyals) Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment who didn’t wear the badge in any form. This was presumably because they were already wearing their own regimental badge in that position when they joined the division.

HQ RA 3 DivisionHQRA 3 Div
7 Field Regiment
Sep 39 – Aug 45
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7 Fld Rgt
23 Field Regiment
Sep 39 – Mar 40
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23 Fld Rgt
76 (Highland) Field Regt
Mar 40 – Mar 44
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76 Fld Rgt 40-4476 Fld Rgt 44-45
Mar 44- 45
76 Fld Rgt 45-46
Aug 45-46
33 Field Regiment
Sep 39 – Aug 45
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33 Fld Regt
20 Anti-Tank Regiment
Sep 39 – Aug 45
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20 A-Tk Regt
66 Medium Regiment
Possibly when attached
in 1942
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66 Med Regt