6 Field Regiment RA

The Regiment was re-designated 6 Field Regiment RA from 6 Field Brigade in May 1938. Prior to this, it had been 6 Brigade Royal Field Artillery since 1903. It changed its title from Royal Field Artillery to Royal Artillery in June 1924. The Regiment was reduced to a cadre in March 1939 in India and disbanded in July 1940 at Mhow. It was re-formed at Maidstone in January 1943 from personnel from 189 Field Regiment RA. It subsequently served in NW Europe from June 1944 with both 2 Army and 3 Infantry Division. By the end of the war the Regiment were on garrison duties in the Harburg area. Post war the 6 Field Regiment RA was re-designated as 67 Training Regiment RA in April 1947.

Illustrations of the formation badges under which a unit served or supported are given. This is no guarantee that the unit used this formations badge.

Sep 39   RHQ & batteries as a cadre India
Jul 40   Disbanded Mhow, India
Jan 43   Re-formed from 189 Field Regiment personnel Maidstone, Kent, UK
Mar 44 2army 6 Field Regiment RA 2 Army UK
Jun 44 2army 2 Army NW Europe
Aug 45 3 Infantry Division 3 Infantry Division NW Europe


Mar 1900 74, 77, 79
May 20 42, 69, 434, 435, 1203
Jan 43 69, 74, 77/79
The Royal Artillery 1939-45