56 (London) Infantry Division

56 Division had a system of badges for its artillery units which were worn as slip ons on the shoulder straps when in North Africa & Italy. The only unit for which no photo evidence has been found so far is 67 Anti-Tank Regiment. The Regiment’s existing Arm Badge has been used here as a possible way of identifying them in a similar manner to 100 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment. Please note that the illustration given here is pure conjecture until further evidence comes to light.

64 (7th London) Field Regiment Dec (40 – Aug 45)
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64 Fd 56 Div
90 (City of London) Field Regiment (Dec 40 – Mar 45)
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65 (8th London) Field Regiment (Mar 45 – Aug 45)
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90/65 Fd 56 Div
113 (Home Counties) Field Regiment (Nov 40 – Nov 45)
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113 Fd 56 Div
67 (East Surrey) Anti-Tank Regiment (Nov 42 – Nov 45)
(Note this is what MAY have been worn – Not confirmed)
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100 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment (Feb 42 – Nov 44)
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100 Laa 56 Div