A Field (Anti-Tank) Regiment RA

17 May 40 Formed by RA Instructional Wing British Expeditionary Force Base, France
26 Jun 40 Disbanded UK



May 40 A, B, C, D



1940 12 x 18/25 pdr, 5 x 18 pdr (various Marks), 2 x 4.5 inch Howitzers


To support 23 Division who had no artillery.


Manned by officers and men from RA Base Depot, equipped with an assortment of guns towed by whatever trucks were available.


Fought from Cambrai Canal to La Couronne under various Divisional commands. Due to a total lack of stores including gun sights, was deployed in an anti-tank role firing over open sights.


Evacuated from Dunkirk and disbanded 26 Jun 40.