98 (Surrey & Sussex Yeomanry, Queen Mary’s) Field Regiment RA(TA)

3 Sep 39Eastern CommandWorthing, Sussex, UK
Sep/Oct 39British Expeditionary ForceLe Forêt & La Coquerie, France
After completing gun positions, half the Regiment
moved back to Le Forêt leaving one Troop
per Battery forward
Jan 401 Infantry DivisionLille, France
May 40I CorpsWavre, Belgium
17-19 May 40I CorpsKruis & Tournai, Belgium
392 Battery detached to 46 Division at St Pol but
diverted to Aire
22 May 4046 Infantry DivisionLa Couture, Belgium
28 May 4044 Infantry DivisionOuttersteene, Belgium
29 May 4044 Infantry DivisionSaint Jans Cappel, France
Guns caught in traffic jam. Guns & vehicles
destroyed, troops proceeded on foot
for evacuation over the beaches at Dunkirk
Jun 40Home ForcesOkehampton, Devon, UK
Jun 401 Infantry Brigade RABourne, Lincolnshire, UK
Detachments sent to Sussex for
anti-invasion duties. They formed
C 20 Anti-Tank Battery (391) &
C 7 Battery (392) armed with Albion
mounted 12 pdrs & Scammel
mounted 4 inch Naval guns
Jul 40Home ForcesHall Green, Birmingham, UK
Equipped with vehicles for West coast
defence. Vehicles were tradesmen’s vans
and 1 old Rolls Royce car
Jul 40Home ForcesInce Blundell Park, Lancashire, UK
Sussex detachments rejoined. From here
and later Huyton, detachments were sent
out to man roadblocks and static guns
Oct 40Home ForcesHuyton, Lancashire, UK
Part of 391 Battery with Hotchkiss 6 pdrs at
Barford forming part of outer defences of
Birmingham. Remainder of Battery on airfield
defence in Tarvin. 392 Battery in detachments
from Maryport to Speke with weapons ranging
from 6 pdrs (obsolete submarine guns)
to 1913 vintage 13 pdrs
Dec 405 CorpsPortsmouth, Hampshire, UK
Aug 41Depot RegimentLarkhill, Wiltshire, UK
Nov 41Home ForcesSturminster Newton, Dorset, UK
Mar 42Home ForcesIsle of Wight, UK
Apr 42Home ForcesWimborne, Dorset, UK
Sep 4210 Armoured DivisionKabrit, Egypt
Oct 4210 Armoured DivisionAlamein, Egypt
Nov 4210 Armoured DivisionGalal, Egypt
Nov 4210 Armoured DivisionMersa Matruh, Egypt
Dec 42Middle East ForcesCairo, Egypt
Feb 43Middle East ForcesAlexandria, Egypt
Jul 438 ArmySicily
Sep 438 ArmyReggio, Rosarno & Taranto, Italy
Oct 438 ArmyManfredonia & Foggia, Italy
Nov 438 ArmyTermoli & River Sangro, Italy
Dec 438 ArmySan Vito, Italy
Jan 448 ArmyNaples & Mondragone, Italy
Feb 448 ArmyCassino, Italy
Apr 448 ArmyNola, Italy
May 448 ArmyMignano & Roccasecca, Italy
Jun 448 ArmyTivoli & Lake Trasimene, Italy
Jul 448 ArmySan Marino & Poggibonsi, Italy
Aug 448 ArmyStrada, Italy
Sep 448 ArmySan Martino, Italy
Oct 448 ArmyCastel del Rio, Italy
Dec 448 ArmyMonte Grande, Italy
Jan 458 ArmyTamborella, Italy
Feb 458 ArmyVicchio, Italy
Mar 452 ArmyMenin, Belgium
Apr 452 ArmyDunkirk, France
Apr 452 ArmyDuiven, Huissen & Dodewaard, Holland


In April 1945 the Regiment moved to the Lubeck area of Germany as occupation forces. Demobilisation was started in October 1945 and the Regiment finally placed in suspended animation in June 1946.



3 Sep 39391, 392 (Surrey Yeomanry)
1 Jan 41391, 392, 471




194018/25 pdr, Morris CDSW FAT
Jan 414 x French 75mm guns (471 Battery), 2 x 25 pdrs each (391 & 392 Batteries)
Apr 4124 x 25 pdrs
Sep 42Stuart Observation Post Tanks
Apr 43M7 105mm Self Propelled Priest
Mar 4525 pdr Self Propelled Sexton