8 Field Regiment RA

Became 8 Field Brigade  RA in June 1924. The Regiment was re-designated as 8 Field Regiment RA from 8 Field Brigade in May 1938. It was organised on a two battery basis in September 1940 and re-organised with three batteries in November 1942. It became a Jungle Field Regiment in October 1943, reverting to a normal Field role in July 1944. Post war it was re-formed as 8 Royal Horse Artillery in December 1946. In April 1947 RHQ  of 8 Field Regiment RA became 10 Anti-Tank Regiment and V and W Batteries went to 4 RHA while X Battery became Anti-Tank.

Illustrations of the formation badges under which a unit served or supported are given. This is no guarantee that the unit used this formations badge.

Sep 39   6 Indian Infantry Brigade Lucknow, India
Sep 40   Matruh Fortress Mersa Matruh, Egypt
May 41   Attached 22 Guards Infantry Brigade Egypt
Jan 42   2 Armoured Brigade N Africa
Feb 42   5 Indian Infantry Brigade N Africa
Feb 42 70 Infantry Division 70 Infantry Division N Africa
Mar 42 70 Infantry Division 70 Infantry Division India
Oct 42 Southern Army India Southern Army India
Mar 43 25 Indian Division 25 Indian Division India
Reorganised as 8 Jungle Field Regiment
Mar 44 25 Indian Division 25 Indian Division Arakan, Burma (Myanmar)
Jun 45 26 Indian Division 26 Indian Division India
Jul 45 36 Infantry Division 36 Indian Division Poona, India


Jun 24 H, V, W, X
May 38 AA, V, W, X
Sep 40 V/AA, W/X
Nov 42 V/AA, W, X
Dec 46 V, W, X


Mar 43 16 x 25 pdrs, 16 x 3 inch Mortars


The Royal Artillery 1939-45