11 Coast Regiment RA

11 Coast Regiment RA was formed in Malaya, in March 1941 by conversion of 11 Heavy Regiment. The Regiment was captured at Singapore in February 1942 and placed in suspended animation.

Illustrations of the formation badges under which a unit served or supported are given. This is no guarantee that the unit used this formations badge.

Mar 41   Re-designation of 11 Heavy Regiment  
Mar 41 Malaya Command 11 Coast Regiment RA Malaya Defences Penang, Malaya
Dec 41   Evacuated Penang, dispersed to Singapore Singapore
Feb 42   Captured at Singapore  



Mar 41 8 Coast, 20 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Hong Kong Singapore RA


Penang Garrison

8 Battery

Cornwallis Battery 2 x 6 inch Guns


20 Battery

Batu Maung Battery 2 x 6 inch Guns


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