Anti-Tank Regiments

Anti-tank regiments usually consisted of 4 gun batteries although sometimes they had only 3. They were originally deployed at Divisional level but later Corps were also allocated units. They deployed in defensive positions or ambushes and did not go “tank hunting” like the Americans, even when they had self propelled guns.


13 Anti-Tank Regiment RA77 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
14 Anti-Tank Regiment RA78 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
20 Anti-Tank Regiment RA79 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
21 Anti-Tank Regiment RA80 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
24 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)81 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
26 Anti-Tank Regiment RA82 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
33 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)83 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
51 (West Highland) Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)84 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
52 (6th London) Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)85 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
53 (Worcestershire & Oxfordshire Yeomanry)
Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
86 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
54 (The Queen’s Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry)
Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
87 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
55 (Suffolk & Norfolk Yeomanry) Anti-Tank
Regiment RA(TA)
88 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
56 (King’s Own) Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)89 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
57 (East Surrey) Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)90 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
58 (Duke of Wellington’s) Anti-Tank
Regiment RA(TA)
91 (Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders)
Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
59 (Duke of Connaught’s Hampshire)
Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
92 (Gordon Highlanders) Anti-Tank
Regiment RA(TA)
60 (Royal Welch Fusiliers) Anti-Tank
Regiment RA(TA)
93 (Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders)
Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
61 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)94 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
62 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)95 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
63 (Worcestershire & Oxfordshire Yeomanry)
Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
96 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
64 (The Queen’s Own Royal Glasgow
Yeomanry) Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
97 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
65 (Suffolk & Norfolk Yeomanry) Anti-Tank
Regiment RA(TA)
98 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
66 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)99 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
67 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)100 (The Gordon Highlanders) Anti-Tank
Regiment RA(TA)
68 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)101 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
69 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)102 (Northumberland Hussars)
Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
70 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)103 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
71 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)105 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
72 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)106 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
73 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)107 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
74 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)111 (Devon) Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
75 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)122 (Royal Warwickshire Regiment)
Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)
76 Anti-Tank Regiment RA(TA)125 (Northumbrian) Anti-Tank
Regiment RA(TA)
149 (Lancashire Yeomanry) Anti-Tank
Regiment RA(TA)