6 Anti-Aircraft Brigade

6 Anti-Aircraft Brigade was formed for the Norway Campaign in March 1940. Returning to the UK, it took over cover of the East Anglian airfields. In May 1943 6 Anti-Aircraft Brigade was re-designated 102 Anti-Aircraft Brigade.

Illustrations of the formation badges under which a unit served or supported are given. This is no guarantee that the unit used this formations badge.

Mar 40Harstad, Norway
Jun 40RAF Debden2 AA Div 6 Anti-Aircraft Brigade2 Anti-Aircraft Division
Jul 40RAF Debden6 AA Div 6 Anti-Aircraft Brigade6 Anti-Aircraft Division
Oct 42Anti-Aircraft Command2 Anti-Aircraft Group
May 43re-designated 102 Anti-Aircraft Brigade

Order of Battle May 1940

51 (London) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment (151, 152, 153 Batteries)
82 (Essex) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment (156, 193, 256 Batteries)
55 (Devon) Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment (163, 164, 165 Batteries)
56 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment (167 Battery)
3 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery
10 Army Observer Unit

Order of Battle 1940-41

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Order of Battle 1941-42

See 6 Anti-Aircraft Division

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