62 (The Loyals) Searchlight Regiment RA(TA)

62 (The Loyals) Searchlight Regiment RA(TA) formed in August 1940 by the transfer of 4th Battalion The Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire) (62 Searchlight Regiment) (TA) to the RA. The Regiment was converted to 150 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment in April 1943. It was re-constituted as 597 (The Loyal) Light Anti-Aircraft/Searchlight Regiment RA(TA) in January 1947.

Nov 38 4th The Loyal (North Lancashire) Regiment
(62 Searchlight Regiment)
Preston, Lancashire, UK
Aug 40 Became RA  
Aug 40 53 Light Anti-Aircraft Brigade North West England
Dec 42 50 Anti-Aircraft Brigade Midlands, UK
Jan 43 69 Anti-Aircraft Brigade South West England
Apr 43 Became 150 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment  



Nov 38 435, 436, 437