3 Royal Marine Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment

3 Aug 42 Re-organised as a heavy regiment from
3 Royal Marine Anti-Aircraft Regiment
Mar 43 Batteries concentrated for embarkation Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, UK
Jun 43 Corps Army Troops Egypt
Jul 43 HQ Egypt – Batteries in defence of Malta Egypt
Jul 43 Mobile Naval Base Defence Organisation 2 Augusta, Sicily
Feb 44 Preparing for disbandment but retained Scotland, UK
Mar 44 5 Royal Marine Anti-Aircraft Brigade Scotland, UK
May 44 At Training Camps Clacton, Essex, UK
Jun 44 Air Defence Great Britain UK
Aug 44 5 Royal Marine Anti-Aircraft Defence Brigade Cherbourg, France
Oct 44 Scheldt Air Defences Antwerp, Belgium
Mar 45 Coast defence Ostend, Belgium
May 45 Disbanded November 1945 Southern England, UK



Aug 42 E, F, G, H


The Royal Artillery 1939-45