11 Royal Marine Searchlight Regiment

Feb 40 Formed – Batteries with RA training regiment Yeovil, Somerset, UK
Jun 40 HQ & S Battery as infantry, no searchlights available Exton, Hampshire, UK
Sep 40 As a searchlight unit Deal, Kent, UK
Jan 41 R Battery to 1 Royal Marine Anti-Aircraft Regiment Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK
Mar 41 Canal Zone Egypt
May 41 HQ & S Battery as infantry Crete
Jun 41 R Battery Suez Canal Egypt
Jul 41 As independent batteries under local command Indian Ocean islands
Feb 43 As a regiment under various commands Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
Mar 44 1 Royal Marine Anti-Aircraft Brigade Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
May 44 Disbanded Scotland, UK



Feb 40 S, R
Jun 40 S
Sep 40 S, R
Jan 41 S
Jun 41 S, R


The Royal Artillery 1939-45