3 Royal Horse Artillery


Sep 39RA Group Middle EastEgypt
D/J Bty and 1 troop of M/P Battery attached
7 Infantry Division, remainder of M/P
attached 7 Armoured Division
F Battery 4 RHA (18/25 pdr) attached
Sep 39Operating as an Anti-Tank Regiment
Oct 40P & J Batteries to 4 Indian Division
Jan 41British Troops EgyptN Africa
Mar 417 Support GroupN Africa
May 41Tobruk Garrison (less D Battery)Tobruk, Libya
Mar 42Converting to Field RegimentN Africa
Jul 424 Armoured Brigade GroupAs a Field Regiment
Oct 428 ArmyAlamein, Egypt
Apr 437 Armoured DivisionN Africa
Sep 437 Armoured DivisionSalerno, Italy
Jan 447 Armoured DivisionFakenham, Norfolk, UK
7 Jun 447 Armoured DivisionNormandy, France
Aug 44Attached 4 Armoured BrigadeNW Europe


May 38D/J, M/P
Sep 39D, J, M, P
Mar 41D, J, M


Sep 392 pdr & 37 mm Bofors Anti-Tank Guns porteed
Dec 40J & P Batteries exchange Bofors for 2 pdrs porteed
194225 pdr Mk 1 & Quads
Sep 42Stuart Observation Post Tanks
Jan 4425 pdr Mk 2, Morris Quads, Sherman Observation Post Tanks
Jun 44Cromwell Observation Post Tanks
Aug 44Sexton 25 pdr Self Propelled Guns


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