107 Royal Horse Artillery (South Nottinghamshire Hussars Yeomanry)(TA)

3 Sep 39Northern CommandNottingham, Nottinghamshire, UK
Sep 391 Cavalry DivisionScampston, Yorkshire, UK
Nov 391 Cavalry DivisionWragby, Leicestershire, UK
Jan 401 Cavalry DivisionPalestine
Jun 40British Troops EgyptMersa Matruh, Egypt
Took over positions from 1 Field Regiment
Feb 41British Troops EgyptSuez Canal, Egypt
Spotting for mines
Apr 41Tobruk GarrisonTobruk, Libya
Extra Troop formed with 4.5 inch Howitzers.
Captured Italian guns used for harassing fire
Dec 418 ArmyTmini, Egypt
Jan 428 ArmyNile Delta, Egypt
Feb 428 ArmySidi Bishr (Alexandria), Egypt
Mar 4222 Armoured Brigade GroupBeni Yusef, Egypt
May 4222 Armoured BrigadeKnightsbridge, Libya
6 Jun 4222 Armoured BrigadeThe Cauldron, Libya
Regiment over run and destroyed fighting
a rearguard action
Jun 42Became 107 Medium Battery


3 Sep 39425, 426
24 Mar 42425, 426, 520


193916 x 18 pdr Mk IV Guns & Lorries
Nov 3918 pdr Mk II
Feb 40425 Battery 18 pdr Mk IIPA Guns, 426 Battery 4.5 inch Howitzers
9 Mar 4125 pdr & Quads, Bren Carrier Observation Post
Mar 42M3 Stuart & Marmon Harrington Observation Post