1 Royal Horse Artillery


3 Sep 391 Support GroupBulford, Wiltshire, UK
1 detachment each from A/E and B/O Batteries
attached 8 Infantry Division, Palestine
Sep 391 Support GroupBlandford, Dorset, UK
21 Oct 39British Expeditionary ForceFrance
Jun 40Home ForcesUK
Dec 40British Troops EgyptN Africa
Feb 413 Armoured Brigade GroupN Africa
Apr 41Middle East ForcesN Africa
Jul 41Tobruk GarrisonRSM Clarke gathered various captured Italian
howitzers and improvised sights for them.
“Mr Clarke’s Guns” played an important part in
the defence of the fortress.
Dec 418 ArmyN Africa
Feb 424 Armoured Brigade GroupN Africa
Aug 4222 Armoured Brigade GroupN Africa
Sep 4210 Armoured DivisionN Africa
Oct 4210 Armoured DivisionAlamein, Egypt
Jan 4310 Armoured DivisionSyria
May 439 Armoured Brigade GroupSyria
Jun 439 Armoured Brigade GroupPalestine
Nov 439 Armoured Brigade GroupSyria
Mar 449 Armoured Brigade GroupN Africa
May 449 Armoured Brigade GroupItaly
Sep 448 ArmyItaly
Nov 449 Armoured Brigade GroupItaly
Jun 45Allied Forces HQItaly


3 Sep 39A/E, B/O
Feb 42A, B, E
Jun 42A, B, E, ZZ Anti-Tank
Sep 42A, B, E


Sep 3918/25 pdr, Light Dragons & Light Tank Mk VIB Observation Post
Dec 4025 pdr
Sep 42Stuart Observation Post Tanks
Dec 4425 pdr Self Propelled Sexton