74 Medium Regiment RA

74 Medium Regiment RA was formed from a cadre from 144 Field Regiment RA(TA)with two batteries in January 1940 at Preston Park, Brighton. It moved with 1 Army to North Africa in December 1942. From there, it went to Italy in September 1943. 74 Medium Regiment RA was disbanded in December 1945.

Illustrations of the formation badges under which a unit served or supported are given. This is no guarantee that the unit used this formations badge.

Jan 40   Formed from cadre 144 Field Regiment Brighton, Sussex, UK
Jan 40   Home Forces UK
Dec 42 1st Army 74 Medium Regiment RA 1 Army N Africa
Jul 43 Allied Forces HQ 74 Medium Regiment RA Allied Forces HQ N Africa
Sep 43 2 Army Group RA 2 Army Group RA Salerno, Italy
May 44 2 Army Group RA 2 Army Group RA Cassino, Italy



Jan 40 A, B
Mar 42 P, Q
Jan 43 99, 100



Mar 45 5.5 inch gun




The Royal Artillery 1939-45