64 (London) Medium Regiment RA(TA)

(Title granted February 1942)

Sep 39London DistrictIslington, London, UK
5 Sep 39London DistrictEdgeware, London, UK
Jan 40London DistrictBerkhamsted, Hertfordshire, UK (cadre taken to form
70 Medium Regiment)
Apr 404 CorpsTetbury, Gloucestershire, UK
Jul 404 CorpsHigh Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK
At the end of August Regiment placed on Aerodrome defence.
RHQ Haddenham (Cambs), 211 Bty less B Troop
Herringswell (Suffolk),
B Troop Hardwick (Cambs), 212 Bty St Ives (Cambs) area.
Regiment reassembled at High Wycombe end of September.
Jan 41British Troops EgyptMena, Egypt
Jan 4113 CorpsTobruk, Libya
Less 212 Battery who remained at Mena
Jan 4113 CorpsGazala & Martuba, Libya
Feb 4113 CorpsGiovanni Berta, Mechili & Soluch, Libya
Feb 41British Troops EgyptMena, Egypt
234 Battery from 68 Medium Regiment joined to make a
4.5 inch Regiment for Greece and 212 Battery went to
68 Medium Regiment to make a 6 inch Howitzer
Regiment for Eritrea
Mar 411 ANZAC CorpsPiraeus & Florina, Greece
Less D Troop 234 Battery at Vervia Pass
Apr 411 ANZAC CorpsVevi, Servia & Thermopylae, Greece
When ordered to evacuate, most of the Regiment were
taken off the Marathon beaches by the AA Cruiser
HMS Carlisle and landed at Suda Bay, Crete. Some were
taken off by ships that went back to Alexandria.
May 41Crete
234 Battery plus A Troop 211 Battery were issued with
Italian 100mm Howitzers & 72mm Guns to defend
Heraklion aerodrome. The remainder of the Regiment
were at Perivolia near Canea as infantry.
The gun party were evacuated on the night 29/30 May
while the remainder marched over the mountains to
Sphakia where most were evacuated on the night
30/31 May
Jun 41British Troops EgyptEl Tahag, Egypt


212 Battery attached to 68 Medium Regiment

Mar 414 & 5 Indian DivisionsKeren, Eritrea
May 414 Indian DivisionSidi Haneish, Libya
Jun 417 Australian DivisionDamour, Syria


64 Medium Regiment continued

Aug 411 Australian CorpsChouiefat, Syria
234 Battery rejoined 68 Medium Regiment in
July & 211 Battery rejoined 212 Battery in Syria
with RHQ joining them on 1 Aug
Oct 41British Troops EgyptEl Tahag, Egypt
Dec 418 ArmyMersa Matruh, Egypt
Dec 41/Jan 422 South African DivisionBardia, Libya (211 Battery only) & Halfaya, Egypt
Feb 428 ArmyEl Tahag, Egypt
100 OR’s including most SNCO’s to 1 RHA
to form Anti-Tank Battery
Feb 4210 CorpsSyria
Jun 4210 CorpsMena, Sollum, Matruh & Gerawla, Egypt
Jun 422 New Zealand DivisionEl Alamein, Egypt
211 Battery reduced to 5 guns and 212 Battery
4 guns and over 250 men lost during withdrawl
Jul 422 New Zealand DivisionRuweisat Ridge, Egypt
211 Battery received 3 new 4.5 in guns. 212 Battery
lost 2 more guns to air attack and went
back to Cairo to refit
Aug 4244 Infantry DivisionAlam Halfa, Egypt
212 Battery only. Rejoined the Regiment
in the New Zealand box about 5 Sep
Oct 4230 CorpsAlamein area, Egypt
Nov 422 New Zealand DivisionFuka & Sidi Barrani, Egypt
211 Battery only
Nov/Dec 4230 CorpsMersa Brega & Marble Arch, Libya
B Troop 211 Battery detached to 4 Light
Armoured Brigade & rejoined Regiment in Dec
Jan/Feb 438 ArmyWadi ZemZem & Tripoli, Libya
& Mareth line, Tunisia
Mar 438 ArmyTebaga Gap & Akarit, Tunisia
Apr 435 Army Group RAEnfidaville, Tunisia
May 431 Army Group RAMedjez El Bab & Cape Bon Peninsula, Tunisia
May/Jun 435 Army Group RASfax & Sousse, Tunisia
Jul/Aug 435 Army Group RAGerbini, Randazzo & Mille St Marco,
In Oct 43 the Regiment handed in
all heavy equipment
and embarked on 9 Nov for Algeria,
re-embarking on 28 Nov for UK. Arrived
Liverpool on 9 Dec 43
Dec 435 Army Group RAFelixstowe, Suffolk, UK
May 445 Army Group RAClacton, Essex, UK
As 30 Corps wanted 2 Batteries of
4.5 inch guns to land in France first,
211 Battery was temporarily attached to
7 Medium Regiment and 25/26 Battery of 7th was
attached to 64th. 211 Battery rejoined
the Regiment on 11 June
Jun 445 Army Group RALe Hamel, Vaux sur Seulles & Bayeux, France
Jul 445 Army Group RA211 Battery to Verrieres, 212 Battery to Bucceels
Jul 445 Army Group RACahagnolles, France
Aug 445 Army Group RAMont Pincon, Argentan, Laigle & Vernon, France
Sep 445 Army Group RAAntwerp & Escaut Canal, Belgium


The event at Nijmegen

Having arrived at Nijmegen on the morning of 21 Sep, at 0935 hrs a strange station was heard on the Regimental radio net. It turned out to be 1 Forward Observation Unit with 1 Airborne Division in Arnhem, the division’s first contact with the outside world since dropping on the 17th. 64th along with 419 Battery of 52 Heavy Regiment provided support for the paras until their withdrawl on the night of 25/26th. This radio link was, for most of this time, 1 Airborne Division’s only link with 30 Corps. In recognition of this support 30 Corps agreed to a request from Maj Gen Urquhart that the Regiment be allowed to wear the Airborne’s Pegasus badge on the lower right sleeve.


North West Europe continued

Nov 445 Army Group RABrunssum, Holland
Dec 445 Army Group RATilburg, Holland, Wavres, Namur & Rochesfort, Belgium
Jan 455 Army Group RANoisseux, Hotton, & Louvain, Belgium
Feb 455 Army Group RAGroesbeek, Holland, Frasselt, Materborn & Pfabzdorf, Germany
Mar 455 Army Group RAMoyland, Germany & Enschede, Holland
Apr 455 Army Group RABremen & Verden, Germany
May 455 Army Group RASchwinge, Germany
After the cease fire the Regiment moved to Zeven and then
Salzgitter in June and the guns were handed in. The Regiment
took over occupation duties and in July moved to Kreis
Dannenberg. The Regiment was disbanded on 1 April 46.



Sep 39211, 212 (London)
Feb 41211, 234 (attached)
Jun 41211, 212



Jun 406 in Howitzers (iron tyred)
Aug 40211 Battery 4.5 inch gun Mk1 (relined 60pdr on Carriage Mk4P)
212 Battery 6 inch Howitzers Mk1P
Aug 41211 & 212 Btys 6 inch Howitzers Mk1P
Feb 42US 155mm Howitzers (1918), 2 x 4.5 inch Mk2 Guns
May 42211 Battery 4.5 inch Guns, 212 Battery 155mm Guns
Aug 42211 Battery 4.5 inch Guns, 212 Battery 5.5 inch Guns