63 (Midland) Medium Regiment RA (TA)

63 (Midland) Medium Regiment RA (TA) was formed as a duplicate of 51 Medium Regiment with two batteries in 1939. It served in France with the BEF in 1939. After 4 years of training in the UK, it went to France in june 1944 with the 8 Army Group RA. The Regiment was placed in suspended animation in October 1945.  63 (Midland) Medium Regiment RA (TA) was disbanded in January 1947.

Illustrations of the formation badges under which a unit served or supported are given. This is no guarantee that the unit used this formations badge.

(Title granted February 1942)

Sep 39 Western Command 63 (Midland) Medium Regiment RA (TA) Western Command Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, UK
Oct 39   British Expeditionary Force France
May 40 1 Corps RA 63 (Midland) Medium Regiment RA (TA) 1 Corps River Dyle, Belgium
May 40 1 Corps RA 1 Corps River Escaut, France
Jun 40 Southern Command RA version Southern Command UK
May 44 21 Army Group 21 Army Group UK
Jun 44   8 Army Group RA NW Europe



Sep 39 214 (2nd West Riding), 216 (Staffordshire)



Sep 39 60 pdr Guns relined to 4.5 inch



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