58 (Suffolk) Medium Regiment RA(TA)

58 (Suffolk) Medium Regiment RA(TA) was re-designated from 58 Medium Brigade with two batteries in November 1938. The Regiment was placed in suspended animation in March 1946 and reconstituted as 358 (Suffolk) Medium Regiment RA(TA) in January 1947.

Nov 38 Eastern Command Ipswich, Suffolk, UK
Oct 39 Home Forces Borden, Hampshire, UK
Dec 39 Home Forces Kingsley, Hampshire, UK
Jan 40 British Expeditionary Force France
May 40 Under command 50 Division Aix Noulette, France
May 40 HQ Medium Artillery 3 Corps Oudenarde, Belgium
25 May 40 HQ Medium Artillery 3 Corps Wervicq, France
26 May ordered to destroy remaining guns
and withdraw to Dunkirk.
Jun 40 Home Forces Southborne, Dorset, UK
Jul 40 Home Forces Newbury, Berkshire, UK
Dec 42 1 Army N Africa
Jul 43 Allied Forces HQ N Africa
Sep 43 1 Army Group RA Italy



Nov 38 229, 230 (Suffolk)



Jan 40 6 inch Howitzers (iron wheels), Scammell tractors



The Royal Artillery 1939-45