9 (Londonderry) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment RA(SR)


Sep 393 (Ulster) Anti-Aircraft BrigadeLondonderry, UK
Nov 39Home ForcesDeepcut, Hampshire, UK
Nov 39British Troops EgyptAlexandria, Egypt
Feb 42Middle East ForcesCanal Zone, Egypt
Aug 429 ArmyPalestine
Dec 428 ArmyMartuba, Libya
Jan 438 ArmyTripoli, Libya
May 43Diluted with men from the African Pioneer Corps
Jul 432 Anti-Aircraft Brigade, 8 ArmyTripoli area, Libya
Sep 435 ArmySalerno, Italy
Oct 435 ArmyNaples, Italy
Jan 4466 Anti-Aircraft BrigadePompeii, Italy
Mar 445 ArmyNaples/Salerno, Italy
Jun 4466 Anti-Aircraft BrigadeAnzio, Italy
Jul 4466 Anti-Aircraft BrigadeSan Stefano, Italy
Jul 445 ArmyResignano, Italy
Jul 445 ArmyLeghorn, Italy
Aug 44Basutos transferred out
Sep 44Home ForcesSkegness, Lincolnshire, UK
Nov 4432 Anti-Aircraft BrigadeDerby, Derbyshire, UK
Jan 45Anti-Aircraft CommandLouth, Lincolnshire, UK
Jun 4565 Anti-Aircraft BrigadeLudham, Norfolk, UK



Sep 3924, 25, 26, 6 LAA
Nov 3924, 25, 26, 5 LAA (under command)
Feb 4024, 25, 26, 5 LAA, 20 (under command)
Oct 4124, 25, 26



Sep 393 inch guns
Dec 393.7 inch guns


During their time in North Africa, Batteries and Sections often served away from the main Regiment as far afield as the Western Desert and Port Sudan.