5 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment RA

5 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment RA was re-designated as 5 Anti-Aircraft Regiment RA from 5 Anti-Aircraft Brigade RA in May 1938. It was re-designated as Heavy Anti-Aircraft in August 1940. In December 1941 it was captured in Hong Kong and placed in suspended animation. The Regiment was resuscitated from personnel from 136 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment at King’s Park, Glasgow in April 1946. It was re-designated 69 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment RA in April 1947.

Sep 39 Hong Kong Defences Hong Kong
Dec 41 Captured  



Sep 39 7, 17 (HKSRA), 18 (LAA)(HKSRA)
Dec 41 7 Battery – West Bay, Wong Nei Cheong, Saiwan Redoubt
17 Battery – Pinewood, Mount Davis, Brick Hill, Waterfall Bay
18 Battery – Stanley, D’Aguilar, Albany Road


The Royal Artillery 1939-45