4 Anti-Aircraft Brigade

4 Anti-Aircraft Brigade was formed in March 1940 at Camberley, Surrey. It joined the BEF in France just before the Germans launched their offensive in early May. The Brigade moved to the Middle East in October 1940. It became part of the Tobruk Garrison, staying there after the relief and being captured at the second siege. 4 Anti-Aircraft Brigade was re-formed in Persia (Iran) in August 1942 and served there until May 1944, being disbanded shortly after.

Note: When a unit designation is two number blocks seperated by a slash (/) this means it is a battery followed by the regiment it is from e.g. 210/73 is 210 Battery from 73 Regiment.

Illustrations of the formation badges under which a unit served or supported are given. This is no guarantee that the unit used this formations badge.

Mar 40Camberley, SurreyFormed
May 40FranceGHQ BEF
May 40Tournai, BelgiumGHQ BEF
May 40Templeuve, FranceGHQ BEF
May 40Dunkirk, FranceGHQ BEF
Oct 40Cairo, EgyptBritish Troops Egypt 4 Anti-Aircraft BrigadeBritish Troops Egypt
Jan 41Mersa Matruh, Egypt13 Corps 4 Anti-Aircraft Brigade13 Corps
Apr 41Tobruk, LibyaTobruk Garrison
Jun 42Tobruk, Libya – captured
Aug 42Persia (Iran) ReformedHQ Palestine JordanPAIForce
May 44Disbanded 1 July 1944Middle East Land ForcesMiddle East Forces

Order of Battle May 1940

4 Anti-Aircraft Regiment (1, 3, 27 Batteries)
21 Anti-Aircraft Battery from 8 AA Regiment
220 Anti-Aircraft Battery from 85 AA Regiment
1 Independent Light Anti-Aircraft Battery
52 (East Lancashire) Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment (154, 155, 156 Batteries)

Order of Battle January 1941

51 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment (152, 153 Batteries)(16/2 HAA Battery attached)
13 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment (37, 38 Batteries)(155/52 LAA Battery attached)
1 Independent Light Anti-Aircraft Battery
Detachment from 5 Independent Light Anti-Aircraft Battery
B Squadron Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry as an Anti-Aircraft/Searchlight Battery

Order of Battle April 1941 – Tobruk early

HQ 4 Anti-Aircraft Brigade
Harbour Area
RHQ 13 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment
152/51 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery
153/51 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery
235/89 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery
40/14 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery
B Squadron Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry as a Searchlight Battery
2 Troops of 306/27 Searchlight Battery
Gun Operations Room
51 HAA Workshop RAOC
51 HAA Signals Section R Sigs
Perimeter Area
RHQ 14 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment
1 Troop of 38/13 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery
39/13 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery
57/14 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery
1 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery
8 Australian Light Anti-Aircraft Battery
13 LAA Workshop RAOC
13 LAA Signals Section R Sigs

Order of Battle 21 June 1942 – Tobruk on capture

HQ 4 Anti-Aircraft Brigade
68 (North Midland) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment (277 Battery)(282/88 Battery attached)
5 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery
107/27 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery
A & B Troops 43/61 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery
135 Z Battery
Detachments from 305/27 Searchlight Battery
5 Gun Operations Room
4 Anti-Aircraft Brigade Signals R Sigs
4 Anti-Aircraft Brigade Company RASC
4 Anti-Aircraft Brigade Workshop RAOC

Order of Battle August 1942

75 (Home Counties)(Cinque Ports) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment
80 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment
99 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment – sent forward as Divisional troops
100 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment – sent forward as Divisional troops
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