20 Anti-Aircraft Brigade

20 Anti-Aircraft Brigade was raised in the UK and sent to Egypt by January 1943. It covered Haifa, Lebanon and Cyprus. 20 Anti-Aircraft Brigade was disbanded in June 1944.

Note: When a unit designation is two number blocks seperated by a slash (/) this means it is a battery followed by the regiment it is from e.g. 210/73 is 210 Battery from 73 Regiment.

Illustrations of the formation badges under which a unit served or supported are given. This is no guarantee that the unit used this formations badge.

By Jan 43Raised in UK, sent to Egypt
Haifa, Beirut, Lydda, Jerusalem, Tripoli (Lebanon), Cyprus
8 Army 20 Anti-Aircraft Brigade8 Army
May 43AA Defence Area Tripolitania
Haifa, Beirut, Tripoli (Lebanon), Cyprus
Middle East Land Forces 20 Anti-Aircraft BrigadeGHQ Middle East
Jun 44Disbanded

Order of Battle January 1943

78 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment (243, 244, 245 Batteries)
91 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment (221, 286, 395 Batteries)
13 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment (37, 122 Batteries)
26 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment (115, 116 Batteries)
1 (Palestine) Light Anti-Aircraft Battery
74 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment (230, 232 Batteries)
103/26 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery

Order of Battle May 1943

78 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment
91 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment
26 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment – less one Battery
1 (Palestine) Light Anti-Aircraft Battery
74 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment – Cyprus
116/26 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery – Cyprus
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