Regimental Headquarters 1940

The information for a Regimental Headquarters 1940 is based on two publications. The establishment is based on War Establishment III/1931/10A/1 dated 3 May 1939. The organisation is taken from Artillery Training Volume 1, Pamphlet No. 2A 1940. RHA, Field & Medium Regiments – Battle Drill and Manœuvre for the Reconnaisance and Occupation of Positions dated 6th March 1940. This is slightly different from the War Establishment tables.

Commanding Officers Group

Z Car 4 seater Commanding Officer, Trumpeter, Driver
Z2 Truck 8 cwt Major 2i/c, Signals Officer, NCO Linesman, Driver
A Truck 8 cwt Adjutant, Bombardier Clerk, Orderly, Driver
S2 Truck 8 cwt Signals section – wireless set
MC1 Motorcycle Orderly
MC2 Motorcycle Orderly
MC3 Motorcycle Survey Officer
MC4 Motorcycle Survey Sergeant
  Motorcycle Despatch Rider Royal Signals


Recce Group

S3 Truck 8 cwt Orderly Officer – wireless set
Sur1 Truck 8 cwt 2 x Regimental Surveyors
Sur2 Truck 8 cwt 2 x Survey Assistants
S4 Truck 8 cwt Signals section – wireless set
S1 Truck 8 cwt Signals Officer
MC5 Motorcycle Battery Sergeant Major
  Motorcycle Signals Sergeant Royal Signals
  Motorcycle Despatch Rider Royal Signals
  Motorcycle Linesman Royal Signals


Regimental HQ Group

A2 Truck 15 cwt Office RSM, Clerk, 2 x Batman, Driver
A3 Truck 15 cwt Bombardier & Gunner local defence, 2 x RAF W/T
Operators & set, Driver
A4 Truck 30 cwt Medical Officer, Medical Orderly, Batman, Motor Mechanic,
Sanitary Dutyman, Driver
S5 Truck 15 cwt Cable laying
S6 Truck 30 cwt Signals Office
S7 Truck 30 cwt Spare cable laying & stores
  Motorcycle Electrician Royal Signals


HQ Maintenance Group

Q2 Truck 30 cwt Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant, Clerk, Storeman,
Gunner, Driver – Quartermaster stores
Q3 Truck 30 cwt Battery Quartermaster Sergeant, Sergeant Technical
Storeman, Technical Storeman, Gunner, Driver –
Motor Transport stores
MC6 Motorcycle Motor Mechanic


HQ B Echelon

Q1 Truck 8 cwt Quartermaster, Clerk, Batman, Driver
Q4 Truck 15 cwt 4 x Batmen, Driver – Officers Mess
Q5 Truck 15 cwt Water Tank Water Dutyman, Driver
Q6 Truck 30 cwt Sergeant Cook, Butcher, Cook, 2 x Gunners local defence, Driver
  Car 2 seater Chaplin, Batman/Driver


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