Calibration Troop RA

The unit worked with Calibration Flights RAF. Planes flew at a set height and speed so that radar sets and optical instruments could be calibrated

Car 5 cwt 4×4Subaltern, Batman/Driver
Truck 15 cwt GSCaptain, 4 x Surveyors RA, Driver
Truck 15 cwt OfficeBombardier Clerk, Surveyor RA, Driver – Office & Computing equipment
Lorry 3 ton 4×2 GS6 x Surveyors RA, Telecommunication Mechanic REME, Driver – Technical Calibration stores, LMG
Lorry 3 ton 4×2 GSSergeant Surveyor RA (Q Duties), Surveyor RA (Recorder), Cook ACC, Driver – Quartermaster stores
Lorry 3 ton 4×2 Processing RDMVSurveyor RA, Driver Mechanic
The Royal Artillery 1939-45