Regimental Headquarters 1944

The information for a Regimental Headquarters 1944 is based on War Establishment WE II/190B/1 effective date 22 December 1943.

RHQ Party

Z Car 4 Seater 4×4 Commanding Officer, Subaltern, Driver – issued with 2nd
vehicle early ’45 (Car 5 cwt or Scout car)
S1 Car 5 cwt 4×4 Signals Officer Royal Signals, Batman/Driver
S2 Truck 15 cwt 4×4 Operator Royal Signals, Driver/Operator –
2 x wireless sets No 19
MC1 Motorcycle Commanding Officer’s Orderly
Z2 Car 4 Seater 4×4 Major 2 i/c, Operator Royal Signals, Driver – Wireless set No 22
MC1 Motorcycle Despatch Rider Royal Signals
MC2 Motorcycle 2 i/c’s Orderly
Sur1 Car 5 cwt 4×4 Survey Officer, Battery Surveyor


Adjutant’s Party

A1 Truck 15 cwt Adjutant, Sergeant Clerk, Duty Sergeant, 2 X Gunners local defence,
Vehicle Mechanic, Driver
MC3 Motorcycle Adjutants Orderly
S3 Truck 15 cwt 4×4 Royal Signals Corporal Operator, 2 x Operators, Driver Mechanic –
Wireless sets No 19 and No 19 HP
  Motorcycle Royal Signals Sergeant
  Motorcycle Royal Signals Despatch Rider


Survey Party

MC4 Motorcycle Survey Sergeant
MC5 Motorcycle Battery Surveyor
Sur2 Car 5 cwt 4×4 2 x Battery Surveyors
Sur3 Car 5 cwt 4×4 2 x Battery Surveyors
Sur4 Truck 15 cwt 2 x Battery Surveyors – Survey stores


RHQ Group

A2 Truck 15 cwt Office RSM, 2 x Clerks, Driver
A3 Car 5 cwt 4×4 Medical Officer, Batman/Driver
A4 Truck 15 cwt MO’s Orderly, Sanitary Duty Man, Driver
S7 Truck 15 cwt Wireless House Royal Signals 2 x Operators, Driver/Operator –
Wireless set No 22
S4 Car 5 cwt 4×4 Royal Signals Corporal Linesman, 2 x Linesmen,
Driver – tows 10cwt trailer
S5 Lorry 3 ton Signals Office Royal Signals 2 x Corporal Operators, 4 x Operators,
2 x Linesmen, Driver
S6 Lorry 3 ton Royal Signals Corporal Electrician, Instrument Mechanic,
Operator, Cook Army Catering Corps, Driver Mechanic
S8 Car 5 cwt 4×4 Royal Signals 3 x Lineman
S9 Car 5 cwt 4×4 Royal Signals Despatch Rider
  Motorcycle Royal Signals Despatch Rider


B Echelon

Q1 Car 5 cwt 4×4 Quartermaster, Batman/Driver
Q2 Truck 15 cwt Water Tank Water Duty Man, Driver
Q3 Lorry 3 ton Cook, 5 x Batmen, Butcher, 2 Gunners local defence,
Driver – Cooking set, rations
Q4 Lorry 3 ton Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant, Storeman, Clerk,
2 x Cook, Driver
Q5 Lorry 3 ton 2 x Vehicle Mechanics, Sergeant Storeman, Storeman,
Artificer RA, Sergeant Armourer REME, Driver –
MT stores, Petrol



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