Regimental Headquarters 1941

The information for a Regimental Headquarters 1941 is based on two publications. The establishment is based on War Establishment 79/W.E./1934 (S.D.3) dated 25 February 1941. The organisation is taken from Artillery Training Volume 1, Pamphlet 2B, 1941. RHA & Field Regiments – Battle Drill and Manœuvre for the Reconnaisance and Occupation of Positions dated 20th August 1941. However, the Regimental Headquarters 1941 organisation given in the Training Pamphlet is noted as being for guidance only.

RHQ Party

Z Car 4 Seater Commanding Officer, Driver
S2 Truck 15 cwt Adjutant or Orderly Officer – wireless set
Z2 Car 4 Seater Major 2 i/c, Signals Officer, Royal Signals NCO, Driver
S3 Truck 15 cwt Wireless set
Sur1 Car 2 Seater Survey Officer, Surveyor
MC1 Motorcycle Commanding Officer’s Orderly
MC2 Motorcycle 2 i/c’s Orderly
  Motorcycle Despatch Rider


Adjutant’s Party

A1 Truck 15 cwt Adjutant or Orderly Officer, Sergeant Clerk, 2 x Gunners local defence,
Batman, Driver
S4 Truck 15 cwt Wireless set
S1 Truck 15 cwt Signals Officer when not with 2 i/c
MC3 Motorcycle Adjutant’s Orderly
  Motorcycle Despatch Rider
  Motorcycle Signals Sergeant
  Motorcycle Signals Linesman


Survey Party

MC4 Motorcycle Survey Sergeant
MC5 Motorcycle Survey Bombardier
Sur2 Car 2 Seater 2 x Surveyors
Sur3 Car 2 Seater 2 x Surveyors
Sur4 Car 2 Seater 2 x Surveyors


HQ Group

A2 Truck 15 cwt RSM, 2 x Clerks, Batman, Driver
A3 Truck 30 cwt Medical Officer, MO’s Orderly, Batman, Sanitary Duty Man, Driver
S5 Truck 15 cwt Signals section – Mechanical Cable Layer
S6 Truck 3 ton Signals Office
S7 Truck 3 ton Office stores & spares
S8 Truck 15 cwt Signals section – Hand Cable Layer
  Motorcycle Signals Electrician
  Motorcycle Despatch Rider
  Motorcycle Despatch Rider


B Echelon

Q1 Car 2 Seater Quartermaster, Driver
Q2 Truck 15 cwt Sergeant, 2 x Gunners local defence, Driver
Q3 Truck 3 ton Cook, 5 x Batmen, Driver – Officers Mess
Q4 Truck 3 ton Water Duty Man, 2 x Cooks, Butcher, Driver – Water trailer
Q5 Truck 3 ton Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant, Storeman, Clerk, Driver
Q6 Truck 3 ton Motor Mechanic, Driver Mechanic, Sergeant Technical Stores,
Technical Storeman, Driver



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