Regimental Headquarters 1939

The information for a Regimental Headquarters 1939 is based on two publications. The establishment is based on War Establishment II/1931/7A dated 29 Jun 1938. The organisation is taken from Artillery Training Volume 1, Pamphlet No. 2A 1940. RHA, Field & Medium Regiments – Battle Drill and Manœuvre for the Reconnaisance and Occupation of Positions dated 6th March 1940. This is slightly different from the War Establishment tables. However, the field regiment organisation 1939 & 40 given in the Training Pamphlet is noted as being for guidance only.

Commanding Officer’s Group

Z Car 4 seater Commanding Officer, Orderly, Driver
Z2 Truck 8 cwt Major 2i/c, Signals Officer, NCO Linesman, Driver
A Truck 8 cwt Adjutant, Bombardier Clerk, Orderly, Driver
S2   Signals section – wireless set
MC1 Motorcycle Orderly
MC2 Motorcycle Orderly
  Motorcycle Signals section Despatch Rider


HQ Recce Group

S1   Signals Officer
S3   Orderly Officer – wireless set
S4   Signals section – wireless set
  Motorcycle Signals Sergeant
  Motorcycle Despatch Rider
  Motorcycle Signals Linesman


RHQ Group

A2 Truck 15 cwt RSM, Clerk, Batman, Driver
A3 Truck 15 cwt Bombardier & Gunner local defence, 2 x RAF W/T Operators & set, Driver
A4 Truck 15 cwt Medical Officer, Medical Orderly, Sanitary Dutyman, Driver
S5   Signals section Cable Layer
S6   Signals Office
S7   Spare cable layer & stores
  Motorcycle Signalman Electrician


HQ Maintenance Group

Q2 Truck 30 cwt RQMS, Clerk, Storeman, Driver – QM stores
Q3 Truck 30 cwt Sergeant Technical Storeman, Tech Storeman, Driver – MT stores
MC3 Motorcycle Motor Mechanic
LAD   Light Aid Detachment


B Echelon

Q1 Truck 8 cwt Quartermaster, Clerk, Batman, Driver
Q4 Truck 15 cwt 4 x Batmen, Driver – Officers Mess
Q5 Truck 15 cwt Water Tank Water Dutyman, Driver
Q6 Truck 30 cwt Sergeant Cook, Butcher, Cook, 2 x Gunners local defence, Driver



The Royal Artillery 1939-45