RHQ Corps Anti-Tank Regiment 1944

Originally, the Corps Anti-Tank Regiments had the same organisation as the Armoured Division Anti-Tank Regiments. In February 1944 this was changed to the organisation given here.

R Group

ZCar 4 seater 4×4Commanding Officer, Subaltern, Batman, Driver
Z2Universal CarrierMajor 2i/c, Driver Mechanic, Driver Operator –
Wireless set
RHQ J1Truck 15 cwt Fitted
for Wireless (FFW)
Subaltern, 2 x Driver Operators – Wireless set

O Group

RHQ J2Truck 15 cwtAdjutant, Clerk, Batman, Driver
MC4MotorcycleSignals Sergeant

F Group

A1Truck 15 cwt GSStaff Sergeant Technical Storeman, Duty Sergeant, Driver
A2Truck 15 cwt OfficeRegimental Sergeant Major, Sergeant Clerk, Clerk, Driver
A3Car 5 cwt 4×4Medical Officer, Batman/Driver
A4Truck 15 cwt GSMedical Officer’s Orderly, Driver – Medical stores
A5Universal CarrierTechnical Officer, Batman, Driver Mechanic
Q3Truck 15 cwt GS2 x Batmen, Cook ACC, Driver Operator, Driver

T Group

Q1Truck 15 cwt FFWQuartermaster, Batman, 2 x Driver Operator – Wireless set
Q2Truck 15 cwt GSRQMS, 2 x Gunners local defence, Driver – 2 x LMG’s
Q4Truck 15 cwt WaterWater Dutyman, Driver
Q5Lorry 3 ton 4×4 GS2 x Cooks ACC, Butchery Dutyman, Driver –
Cooking sets, Rations, LMG
Q6Lorry 3 ton 4×4 GSStoreman, Sanitary Dutyman, Staff Sergeant
Armourer REME, Driver – Quartermaster stores
Q7Lorry 3 ton 4×4 GSStoreman Technical, 2 x Gunners local defence, Driver –
MT Stores, PIAT
Q8Car 5 cwt 4×4Artificer RA or Gun Fitter, Vehicle Mechanic
The Royal Artillery 1939-45