Regimental Headquarters Armoured Divisions

The Regimental Headquarters Armoured Divisions was a standard organisation capable of commanding 3 or 4 batteries of various types. For some types and combinations of batteries, RHQ had extra personnel and vehicles. These were mostly to the repair and maintenance sections. The tables below are based on the Organisation for Manoeuvre rather than the War Establishment as this is more likely to be used in the field and includes the attached Royal Signals personnel.

R Group

ZCar 4 Seater 4×4Commanding Officer (Lt.Col), Batman, Driver
Z2Universal CarrierPlace for CO or 2i/c, 2 x Driver Operators, Driver Mechanic –
Wireless set No.19
RHQ J1Car 5 cwt 4×4Subaltern, Driver

O Group

S1Truck 15 cwt Fitted for
Wireless (FFW)
Adjutant, Batman, Driver – Wireless set No.19
RHQ J2Car 5 cwt 4×4Major (2i/c), Driver
S2Truck 15 cwt Wireless
House Royal Signals
Corporal Operator, Operator, Driver Operator –
Wireless set No.22 Rear Link to Div HQ
MC2MotorcycleSignals Sergeant

F Group

A1Truck 15 cwt GSDuty Sergeant, 2 x Gunners local defence, Driver –
Tows 20mm AA gun
A2Truck 15 cwt OfficeRSM, Sergeant Clerk, 2 x Clerks, Driver – Office equipment
A3Truck 15 cwt GSMedical Officer RAMC, Batman/Driver
A4Truck 15 cwt GSMO’s Orderly, Driver – Medical stores
A5Universal CarrierCaptain Technical Officer, Batman, Driver Mechanic
Q3Truck 15 cwt GS2 x Batmen, Cook ACC, Driver – Officers Mess
S3Truck 15 cwt GSCorporal Electician R Sigs, Driver Mechanic R Sigs

T Group

Q1Truck 15 cwt FFWQuartermaster, Batman, 2 x Driver Operators –
Wireless set No.19
Q2Truck 15 cwt GSRQMS, Clerk, 2 x Gunners local defence, Driver – 2 x LMG’s
Q4Truck 15 cwt WaterWater Dutyman, Driver
Q5Lorry 3 ton 4×4 GS2 x Cooks ACC, Butchery Dutyman, Driver –
Cooking sets, Rations
Q6Lorry 3 ton 4×4 GSSanitary Dutyman, Artificer RA, Vehicle Mechanic,
Staff Sergeant Armourer REME, Driver – QM stores
Q7Lorry 3 ton 4×4 GSStaff Sergeant Storeman Technical, Storeman Technical,
2 x Gunners local defence, Driver
The Royal Artillery 1939-45