Corps Anti-Tank Battery Tracked Towed 1944

This is the organisation for a battery of towed 17 pounder guns in a Corps anti-tank regiment. There would be two towed batteries and two self propelled batteries in a regiment. The towed battery had Crusader Gun Tractors and was organised into three Troops each of four guns.

R Group

XUniversal CarrierBattery Commnander (Maj), 2 x Driver Operators –
Wireless set
Bty J1Car 5 cwt 4×4Captain, Driver Operator – Wireless set
Bty J2Halftrack FFWSubaltern, Vehicle Mechanic, 2 x Driver Operaotrs –
Wireless set No.19
MC4MotorcycleBattery Sergeant Major

F Group

KCar 5 cwt 4×4Battery Captain (2i/c), 2 x Driver Operators – Wireless set
Truck 15 cwt GS2 x Cooks ACC, 2 x Batmen, Batman/Driver –
Cooking sets, Rations

T Group

Truck 15 cwt GSBatman, 2 x Clerks, Driver – Office stores
Q3Truck 15 cwt GSSanitary Dutyman, Storeman, Artificer or Gun Fitter, Driver –
Q4Truck 15 cwt WaterWater Dutyman, Driver
Q5Lorry 3 ton 4×4 GSStoreman, Equipment Repairer, Driver – Petrol
Q6Lorry 3 ton 4×4 GSArtificer or Gun Fitter, Driver – Petrol, LMG
Q7Lorry 3 ton 4×4 GSBQMS, Corporal Cook ACC, 3 x Cooks ACC, Driver –
Q stores, LMG, PIAT
The Royal Artillery 1939-45