Regimental insignia

The regulation method of wearing the insignia is given. There are many instances of the regulations being ignored.

RA Cap Badge

This badge was worn in brass by all ranks on the Forage Cap & the GS Cap (from 1943) and by OR’s on the Service Dress Cap & the Drab Field Service Cap (until 1941).
It was worn in bronze by Officers on the Service Dress Cap.
Cap badge

RA Collar Badge

Worn by Officers in gold & silver embroidery on a red background on the Coloured Field Service Cap and in bronze on the Service Dress collar & Drab Field Service Cap.
Used in brass by OR’s on the Service Dress collar & Field Service Cap (1941-43). Worn on the General Service Cap by some units (post 1943).

Arm Title (From 1943)

Worn at the top of the sleeve
cloth shoulder title

Arm of Service Strip (from 1941)

Worn below Formation Sign on both sleeves of Battledress. Also worn on the Greatcoat, the only badge other than rank to be worn on that garment. Red portion to the front.
arm of service strip

Shoulder Titles Brass

OR’s wore them on the shoulder strap of Service Dress.
brass RA title

Shoulder Titles Cloth

Worn by OR’s on the shoulder strap of Battledress until replaced by Arm of Service Strip. Also worn on shoulder straps of tropical dress.
The RA was worn by Officers on the end of cloth slip on rank badges.
cloth RA slip on


The white plaited lanyard was worn on the right shoulder by other ranks on service & battledress.
Photos show a non-plaited version of twin cords being worn.

Arm Gun Badge

There were at least 2 different patterns of cloth badge worn with SNCO’s rank badges. On the Battledress blouse it was often worn in brass.
sleeve gun cloth early
cloth gun 2
brass gun rank

Warrant Officers Rank Badges

These were often worn in brass instead of cloth on the Battledress.

Staff Sergeants often wore a brass crown instead of the cloth version.
WO metal
metal crown


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