Qualification badges

Qualification badges were worn on the upper right arm only. For NCO’s they were worn above the rank badge. WO assistant instructors in gunnery and signals wore the badge below the rank badge.

Driver (from 1942) Driver 1942
Height Taker (Anti-Aircraft) Height taker
Layer Layer
Lewis Gunner (also light machine gunner from c1921) Lewis gunner
Medium Machine Gunner
(From 1944)
Medium machine gunner
(Fortress Plotting Room)
Range Taker Range taker
Royal Navy Gun Layer (Maritime RA only) (From 1943) DEMS gunner
Searchlight Operator (unofficial)
(Inherited from RE’s on transfer of searchlight units to RA)
Searchlight Operator
Special Proficiency Pay Special proficiency pay
Signaler Signaler
NCO who has passed a Gunnery Staff Course Gunnery instructor


The Royal Artillery 1939-45