Officers rank badges

Only those Staff Officer ranks that can hold a Royal Artillery appointment are shown. Shown here are the Officers rank badges in metal for wear on the Service Dress. The cloth Officers rank badges worn on the Battledress are backed with red. This shows as a thin line of colour around the badge.

The Appointments possible for each rank are shown along with the usual abbreviations for each.

Rank Appointment  
Brigadier – Brig Corps Commander RA – CCRA
Corps Commander Medium Artillery – CCMA (1939-41)
Brigadier – Brig Commander Royal Artillery – CRA Brigadier
Lieutenant Colonel – LtCol Commanding Officer (Regiment) – CO Lieutenant Colonel
Major – Maj Second in Command (Regiment) – 2i/c
Battery Commander – BC
Captain – Capt Adjutant – Adj
Quartermaster – QM
Battery Captain (Battery 2i/c) – BK
Troop Commander/Forward Observation Officer – TC/FOO
Lieutenant – Lt

Assistant Adjutant – A/Adj
Gun Position Officer – GPO
Command Post Officer – CPO

Second Lieutenant –
2 Lt

Assistant Gun Position Officer – AGPO
Assistant Command Post Officer – ACPO
Troop Leader – TL

2nd Lieutenant
The Royal Artillery 1939-45