6 inch 26 cwt Howitzer

6in 26cwt

Developed in 1915 to replace the earlier 6 inch 30 cwt model, it co-existed with the 6 inch 25 cwt, hence the reason for including the weight in the nomenclature. Although replaced by the 4.5 and 5.5 inch guns, after 1942 it remained in use in the Far East until the end of the war. The design was so sound there was only ever a Mark 1, the only change being to upgrade the wooden wheels to pneumatic tyres.


Weight of gun & breech mechanism 2,856 lbs
Total Length 87.55 inches
Length of Bore 79.8 inches (13.3 calibres)
Rifling 36 grooves uniform Right Hand 1/15
Breech Mechanism Asbury interrupted screw, percussion fired
Elevation 0° to +45°
Traverse 4° Right & Left
Recoil System Hydropneumatic, variable, 24 to 54 inches
Weight in Action 9,262 lbs


Mark 1R Wooden wheels, rubber tyres
Mark 1P Pneumatic tyres


Firing standard 86 lb High Explosive Shell  
Muzzle velocity 1,409 ft/sec
Maximum range 11,400 yards


Shell High Explosive Streamlined 86 lb Mark 1D Filled with Amatol or Lyddite
Shell High Explosive Streamlined 100 lb Mark 1D Similar to previous but 3 inches longer
Propelling Charge  
Super charge for use with 86 lb shell Weight 5 lb 3 oz divided into 5 charges
Normal charge for use with 100 lb shell Weight 4 lb 11 oz divided into 5 charges