25 pdr Gun Self Propelled Sexton

25 pdr Sexton


The equipment was officially taken into service on 6 September 1943. The gun was fitted in an open topped superstructure on the Canadian Ram tank chassis. Production began in early 1943 and ended in 1945, 2,150 being built. It replaced the 105 mm M7 Priest in British service and continued in use until the late 1950’s.




Mark 2 See 25 pdr towed for details
Mark 3 See 25 pdr towed for details




Mark 1 Return roller above mounting
Mark 2 Trailing return roller, revised internal & rear deck layout




5 including driver




See 25 pdr towed for information  
Only data different to above given here  
Weight in action 57,000 lbs
Total length 19 feet 3 inches
Total width 8 feet 11 inches
Total height 8 feet
Height with canvas top 9 feet 5 inches
Elevation -9º to +40º
Traverse 25º left & 15º right
Recoil length 20 inches constant
Upper Hull ½ inch except front flat plate ¾ inch
Lower Hull  
Sides & Rear 1½ inches
Floor 1 inch
Bulkhead ¾ inch
Sponson ½ inch




See 25 pdr towed




See 25 pdr towed



The Royal Artillery 1939-45