25 pdr Gun Mark 2

25 pdr Gun Mark 2


First issued in April 1940, the 25 pdr Gun Mark 2 was first used in action in the Norway campaign. It continued in first line service with only minor changes until 1967 and was used for training until 1975. The only major change to the gun was the fitting of a two port Solothurn muzzle brake in 1942. This was done to allow the use of Charge Super with the Armour Piercing Shot. It was rarely fitted to any 25 pdr Gun Mark 2 in the Far East and not at all (even post-war) to Australian and New Zealand guns




Mark 1 Loose liner in 18 pdr Mark 4 gun
Mark 2 Standard pattern
C Mark 2 As Mark 2 but Canadian built
Mark 3 Introduced January 1944. Shot seating reduced
C Mark 3 As Mark 3 but Canadian built
Mark 4 Introduced October 1946. As Mark 3 but breech ring altered
Mark 5 Not used
Mark 6 Introduced November 1964. Breech ring of high quality steel




Mark 1 Humped box trail with platform
Mark 2 Indian design. Narrower wheel track and smaller No. 22 platform
Mark 3 Canadian, introduced late 1944. Narrow track and shield. Trail hinged in middle
to give extra 30º elevation. No. 22 platform
Mark 4 British design based on Australian “Short” model. Introduced May 45, obsolete
September 1946. Only 1 or 2 made.
Note – narrow track versions for jeep towing on jungle tracks and for loading into
Dakota aircraft without dismantling




No.1 Detachment Commander – moves trail
No.2 Breech Operator – rams shell
No.3 Layer – fires gun
No.4 Loader
No.5 Ammunition preparation
No.6 Ammunition & Fuze setter


Data – Mark 2/3 on Carriage Mark 1


Weight of gun & breech mechanism 1,000 lbs
Weight in action 3,968 lbs
Total length including muzzle brake 106.72 inches
Length of bore 92.375 inches
Rifling 26 grooves uniform right hand 1/20
Breech mechanism Vertical sliding block
Elevation -5º to +40º
Traverse 4º left & right
Recoil system Hydropneumatic variable
Recoil length 20 to 36 inches




With 25 lb High Explosive shell:  
Muzzle velocity 1,700 feet/second charge super
Maximum range 13,400 yards
With 20 lb Armour Piercing Shot:  
Muzzle velocity 2,000 feet/second
Penetration 70 mm at 400 yards 0% impact




Shell High Explosive Mark 1D Standard 25 lb projectile
Shell High Explosive Mark 2DT As Mark 1D with tracer in the base
Shell Smoke Base Ejection Mark 1A Fuze Time & Percussion No 220
Shell Smoke Base Ejection Streamlined Marks 1-6D Replaced Mark 1 early 1941
Shell Smoke Base Ejection Mark 7D Designed as chemical shell.
Training use only
Shell Smoke Coloured Base Ejection Marks 1-2D Issued 1944. Red, yellow, green or
blue smoke
Shell Flare Target Recognition Base Ejection Mark 1D Similar to coloured smoke but brighter
Shell Incendiary Base Ejection Mark 1D Rarely used in action
Shell Star Base Ejection Mark 1D Developed 1943. Parachute flare,
25-30 seconds burning time
Shell Propaganda Base Ejection Local conversion in N Africa
Shot Armour Piercing Marks 1-6 & 8T Solid steel 20 lb shot with tracer
Shot Armour Piercing Capped Mark 7T Never manufactured or issued
Propelling Charge  
3 part in brass case plus Super Charge and increments



The Royal Artillery 1939-45