6 Airborne Infantry Division

Airborne Division


  • June to September 1944
  • December 1944 to February 1945
  • March to May 1945


HQRA div40
53 Air Landing Light Regiment div42
3 Air Landing Anti-Tank Battery div46
4 Air Landing Anti-Tank Battery div46
2 Air Landing Light Anti-Aircraft Battery
Until Feb 45


There is some confusion over the numbers used in 6 Airborne Division. Some sources suggest both Anti-Tank & Light Anti-Aircraft Batteries used 47.
On return to the UK in Feb 45, part of the Air Landing Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment was re-formed into 6 Air Landing Anti-Tank Battery which together with 3 & 4 Batteries formed 2 Air Landing Anti-Tank Regiment. This unit presumably then used the Arm of Service number 46.





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