2 Corps

2 corps


Early style Tac Signs have been placed alongside AoS where they have been positively identified as being used by that unit. See the Early Tac Signs page for an explanation of this system.

Although this Corps used different Arm of Service numbers to the other two Corps, there is some evidence that they had started to conform with the other Corps sometime after 11 April 1940. This process almost certainly stopped when the Corps went into action on 10 May. A photo shows an abandoned  Quad of 88 Field carrying the AoS number 9 and photos of other arms vehicles show a change to the “standard” number system.

HQ Corps Artillery corps 15  
HQ Corps Medium Artillery corps 21  
88 Army Field Regiment corps 22 88 Field Regt early tac sign
60 Army Field Regiment corps 25  
53 Medium Regiment corps 26  
59 Medium Regiment corps 27  
2 Survey Regiment corps 30 2 Survey Regt early tac sign
53 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment  



3 Infantry Division

3 Infantry Division early


HQ RA div1 black
7 Field Regiment RA div3
76 Field Regiment div4
33 Field Regiment div5
20 Anti-Tank Regiment div6


4 Infantry Division

4 Division early


HQ RA div27
77 Field Regiment div15
22 Field Regiment div16
30 Field Regiment div17
14 Anti-Tank Regiment div14


5 Infantry Division

5 Infantry Division


HQ RA div1
9 Field Regiment RA div3
91 Field Regiment div4

The following units were attached to the Division during May 40:

A/E Battery 1 RHA army 24
Battery from 27 Field Regiment corps 9
Battery from 140 Field Regiment corps 10
5 Medium Regiment corps 12
92 Field Regiment div5
52 Anti-Tank Regiment div6



50 (Northumbrian) Infantry Division

50 Infantry Division


HQ RA div2
72 Field Regiment div3
74 Field Regiment div4
65 Anti-Tank Regiment div23



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