1 Corps

1 corps early


Early style Tac Signs have been placed alongside AoS where they have been positively identified as being used by that unit. See the Early Tac Signs page for an explanation of this system.

HQ RA corps 1  
HQ Corps Medium Artillery corps 7  
27 Army Field Regiment corps 9 27 Field Regt early tac sign
140 Army Field Regiment corps 10 140 Field Regt early tac sign

5 Medium Regiment

(Initially 2 Medium who moved to GHQ control)

corps 12 5 Medium Regt early tac sign
3 Medium Regiment corps 13
1 Survey Regiment corps 16
52 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment corps aa20
2 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery corps aa21



1 Infantry Division

1 Infantry Division early


HQ RA div1
2 Field Regiment div3
19 Field Regiment div4
67 Field Regiment div5
21 Anti-Tank Regiment div6




2 Infantry Division

2 Infantry Division early


HQ RA div1
10 Field Regiment div3
16 Field Regiment div4
99 Field Regiment div5
13 Anti-Tank Regiment div6



48 (South Midland) Infantry Division

48 Infantry Division


HQ RA div1
24 Field Regiment div3
68 Field Regiment div4
18 Field Regiment div5
53 Anti-Tank Regiment div6



The Royal Artillery 1939-45